Tuesday, July 28, 2020

10-Minute Tuesday Series Begins

As a celebration for fast sketching and a goal to create more accurate quick sketches, I've created a personal challenge to post a weekly sketch that was created in up to 10 minutes. 

I haven't had my bird feeders up in over a year.  Life was just a bit full and I let one of the things that brings me so much pleasure, slip by the wayside.  May I suggest if this happens to you, try and hold on and make time for those small pleasures in your life.  They are so healing.  We all need to take care of ourselves, so we can put our best foot forward.

Tools used: Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen, Art Tool Kit Palette with a mix of Daniel Smith and M. Graham watercolors, Pentel Waterbrush, Stillman & Birn Gamma Series Journal.

This sketch was created with a combination of observation through my binoculars and cementing the titmouse's body posture in my mind (or at least tried to), then immediately sketched what I remembered.  I love sketching with ink - no time for judgement, just get what's in your mind's eye down. 

Terrifyingly freeing : ) 


  1. Great Pam! I've been doing some very quick sketching-- about 5 minutes-- and I'm always surprised by how much I can get down in a short time (as long as I keep my subjects simple). Terrifyingly freeing is a great way to put the direct-to-ink sketch. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jean! Keeping the eye to hand skills honed is fun!

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. I was looking for other bloggers who focus on art and nature. I was attracted to yours because it was up-to-date and appealing. Mine is fromcurioustocreative.com

  3. Nice to meet you, Donna! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Art and nature are such tonics for the soul. Can’t get enough of either. It thrills me when my work inspires.