Tuesday, September 1, 2020

10-Minute Tuesday / Bunny Visits

Under our bird feeder station is a busy place for birds and critters to gather.  A couple of squirrels can be found there anytime of day, along with juvi cardinals, doves, grackles, brown thrashers and an occasional visit by an eastern towhee.  Every now and then, I'll pass by the kitchen window in the evening just in time to see our resident bunny.

This journal page features a compilation of bunny visits.  Each day's sketches were captured in under 10 minutes.  I keep the journal on the kitchen table along with a bird book, binoculars and my favorite platinum carbon fountain pen.  That way I'm always ready for a quick capture on a page.  

Last evening I picked up the journal to add a title to the page and once again saw the bunny.  This time the squirrel was edging closer and closer to the bunny.  Then all of a sudden there was a face off between the two.  The squirrel lunged at poor bunny, chasing it away.  Darn 'ol squirrel!

Happy September!


  1. I like your sketches of the wildlife animals visiting under the bird feeder to get their share. They also keep the bird seed from from taking root and turning into weeds. Our backyard bird feeder is noticed by the wild cottontails and a variety of squirrels that appear out of the woods when the feeder has been replenished during the fall and winter months.

  2. Thank you, Lois! I am beginning to see migratory songbirds at the feeder. Just had to exchange one feeder for my older metal version that has a weight activated perch. The grackles have been eating us out of house and home! The smaller birds are happier. Bunny came to visit this morning. Breakfast had to wait while I tried to grab another sketch - not real successful as the pressure to get to work hampered creative freedom...