Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ten-Minute Tuesday / Building a page 10 minutes at a time

On September 2nd, my first marks on the page were of a cardinal sitting on the branch outside the kitchen window.  He kept posing, so I kept sketching.  The next morning, bunny came to visit as I was making breakfast.  It's tough to sketch when other duties call - even with the timer set to 10 minutes.  I knew I'd be a tad late for work.  It's probably good that bunny was spooked and I wasn't able to finish!

Labor Day weather was beautiful!  I went to the side garden where the horsemint, ageratum and passion flower are blooming and continued adding to this page.  Love bugs and bees were everywhere!

A thunder clap sent me inside where I added the copy for the page.  Multiple 10 minute snips of time helped me create a snapshot of our yard for the week.

I didn't set a timer when adding color.  It was a joy just to be able to paint on this holiday!

I enjoy seeing how a page takes shape. 
Lettering is a useful tool to tie elements together.


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