Saturday, September 19, 2020

Trying Out New Palette Colors

For our recent Virtual Bluffton Sketckcrawl, my husband, our dogs and I visited
Jarvis Creek Park on Hilton Head Island.  There is a lovely walk around a good sized
pond and trails are cut through the wooded areas.  Lots of places to picnic. 
Wading birds and osprey come and go.  Gators can be seen swimming
or sunning on the pond's bank.  If you are visiting HHI, check it out!

I wanted to try out some new colors with a rather limited palette.
Winsor Newton: green gold, gold ochre, light red. indian yellow
Holbein: peacock gouache

I hadn't played at all with these colors and didn't know how they would mix together. 
I see a pattern here - I also try new recipes when we have guests for
dinner (pre-covid).  An adventurer at heart I guess : )

The view in front of me.  I love not having to paint everything!

My 'lap' plein air set up

The Girls love our plein air outings!

I decided to put swatches of the colors used on my journal page.  
You'll see on the finished page below that I added their names.  I will certainly 
use this combo again!  No pencil sketch was created.  Just carefully placed 
watercolor strokes to mark the pond edge, bank and tree line after I laid 
in the sky on wet paper.  Working wet in wet when it's so humid out makes for 
some extra waiting time.  From the sky, I worked on the water, then began
 to lay in the trees.  I learned about using watered down gouache
 for the sky from artist David Rankin.  If you have the chance to study 
with him, run toward this opportunity!  He is the master of light in my opinion.

A little sprig of fetterbush to dress the final shot.

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