Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October Beach Day - Journal Celebrations

Do you see any pertinent information missing from this page?  I didn't notice the 'omission' until creating this blog post.  I will correct my journal page, but thought this would be a good quiz for you.

How did the omission happen?  I was feeling 'Late for a very important date!'  so to speak. AKA: It's taken me over a week to be able to add the lettering to this page and I really wanted to post it this week!  Ahhh, the classic haste makes waste.  

 Thankfully, we are talking about a journal page.  That's right.  A piece of paper in a book.  But a very special book.  Art journals are a safety net for mark making experimentation, exploration of feelings and a wonderful collection of everyday moments.  I wish for everyone to have a journal, a safe refuge to be ourselves, where mistakes are not a matter of life or death, but that celebrate the everyday.  No one is judging.  But boy, we are growing! And, our souls heal through the process of concentration and release.  Priceless!

I decided to sketch directly with watercolor.  The first strokes were with raw sienna.  It's a great first color to lay down for the sky, land and water.  Once dry it won't turn a blue wash green.  Cobalt blue and peacock blue were used for the second layer of sky and water.  

While I'm painting, Annie is trying her best to look as much like RCA dog as possible.  She has cute all sewn up and knows it!

 The beach is very close to the airport.  Quite a few planes took off while we were there.  I thought it fitting to capture one as a remembrance of our time there.  

Just before we left I did a quick sketch looking down the beach.

All in all, a lovely day.  A lovely beach. 

Drum roll...
The answer is.... the date!  No page should be with one : )



  1. I just love seeing all your wonderful art work. I'm just dabbling in water colors but hope to some day do lots more water coloring! you have inspired me. : ) LOve your cute RCA dog, LOL

  2. Ginny, My heart flies that my work can be of inspiration! At the moment I don't get much time to paint larger works to frame. Working small in my journal or on 5x7 to 8x10 single sheets of watercolor paper helps me 'keep my hand' so to speak. I love experimenting on different types of wc paper, too. How does the paper react to the way I paint? Is it a good marriage? Nothing more challenging when you don't like the paper. Keep on dabbling, Ginny. I'd be honored if you kept an eye out for some painting news I'll be sharing in the not too distant future : )