Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sunday Funday Painting

 Wow, is life going at warp speed for you, too?
It’s just way too full right now. If you are in the same boat, I feel your frustration.  
How do you stay balanced?

I turn to my sketchbook, and most of the time, with Nature as my subject. 
Even with just 10 to 30 minutes of concentrated study, be it sketching and / or
painting,  I find myself back at center, ready to take action.   I’ve also determined that
 I work much better (translate to doing home chores or tasks at work) when 
I’ve first given myself the carrot of creation.  Holding the carrot off until
 things get accomplished just doesn’t work one little bit for me. 

I’ve been crushing on this live oak for a while. I love the way it stretches 
up and over everything underneath its strong limbs.  Sunday was the day 
to capture this beauty in my journal!  It was also the day for our
girls’ outing. They love going different places to walk.  They are also really 
good and just hanging out while I paint - at least until another dog passes by : )

Yep, I really enjoy Art Tookit palettes!

This is a 3x5 Stillman and Birn Alpha journal. Just the right size for a quick
direct watercolor sketch when you have just a wee bit of time.
Dogs are happy. I am happy 😊 

Let me know how you stay balanced!

Happy October!
Peace and health be with you. 

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