Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Persimmon Celebration

I met my first Persimmon tree at work. It’s located along the driveway to my office. Over the last six years I’ve watched this sapling grow.  It surprised my coworker and me this year by bearing fruit.  He was sure it was a male tree.  I was delighted to share the news of seeing fruit forming!  

I used a couple of images as my inspiration for the above watercolor.  It’s my coworkers birthday today and I want to surprise him with a card featuring this sweet tree. 

Colors used for this are Daniel Smith’s Essentials, plus a wee bit of quin gold and quin burnt orange - also DS pigments.

The card is roughly 5”x7” and I used a no. 12 round brush.

I have no suitable envelope so decided a clear bag with a ribbon will make a pretty presentation.  I hope it brings some sunshine to his day.