Saturday, January 16, 2021

For the Love of Feeder Birds

Drawn from images taken with my iPhone came held up to my birding scope.

We've had a run of cold, raw, grey days with just a day or two of sunshine in between - highly unusual.  I've lived in the lowcountry long enough to have become quite used to having a lot of sunshine all year long.  How quickly the winter blues can take hold after three consecutive days of grey!

I've lived in areas of our country that have had perhaps 60 days of sunshine out of 365.  That's a lot of grey!  Fall and winter were especially tough on the soul.  That's when journaling about waterfowl, raptor and songbird sightings became an important activity for me.  Doing so actually chased away the winter depression.  Nature and art are such good medicine!

Quick sketches from life using a ballpoint pen.

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