Monday, January 11, 2021

January Bluffton SketchCrawl / Wright Family Park

I love crisp mornings when my clothing is properly layered.  Saturday was such a morning.  The sun was getting stronger, pushing the cloud cover away and the breeze off the May River was at my back.  With a sketchbook in my lap, I began to sketch the entrance arch to the newly opened Wright Family Park.  

As I sketched with my brown pen, I took in the atmosphere around me.  Folks walking dogs, some just out for a stroll.  Blufftonians and tourists alike.  After the trauma in Washington this week, it seemed everyone was enjoying the respite.  I know I sure was.  It's not the first time that immersing myself into making marks and then throwing some paint on a page in my journal has soothed my soul.

I invite you to start a journal of your own.
Soon I'll be offering online classes in the joy of making marks and splashing paint.
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