Monday, February 15, 2021

Braving the Cold and Wet to Sketch


North side of the Promenade in Old Town Bluffton

Saturday was our local SketchCrawl.  The lowcountry is experiencing a spell of cold, raw, rainy days.  What can I say... It's February. While the native flora is waking up and confirming spring is around the corner, the weather still celebrates every bit of winter that it can throw our way.  Thankfully no snow yet!

I have flannel lined pants and and a well insulated winter coat that only come out on the thankfully few cold, raw days we can have.  They serve me well each time I brave the elements.  After living here for 15 years, I've turned into a bit of a cold weather wuss.  My New England family and friends would gasp at the clothing I layer on for 40 degree weather!  We can always tell when the snowbirds visit the lowcountry.  Heck, to them this is 'shorts and flip flops' weather!

There was a break in the rain when I arrived to sketch.  A green runs between the shops on the Promenade.  I made my way to the center and twirled around to see what would catch my eye to sketch.  I kept coming back to the north view.  But, I'd have to sit facing into the north wind - ugh.  One more spin around.  Nope, there will be no back-to-the-wind sitting today.  Not to mention sketching buildings and vehicles are already a challenge for me.  Why not!  I do love and am addicted to sketching live.  Especially en plein air!  Bring it on!

Here's my view and what I managed to sketch with pencil and then ink in before the rain started to get serious again.   Watercolor was added in the warm comfort of home.  Every grateful for home.

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