Local workshop offerings at:

Watch for new offerings in 2021

Society of Bluffton Artists Gallery
Church Street
Bluffton, SC
Contact SoBA for info and reservations

Private Group Workshops available
Minimum of 10 / Max of 20 participants
Contact Pam - pjbartstudio -at- me -dot - com

~ Workshop Ideas  ~


Day-One • Primer for Field Sketching Birds
Learn several methods to sketch birds, this means any bird.  Get an understanding of basic bird anatomy, learn about feather patterns/directions and practice sketching eyes, beaks, legs and feet.  Weather and time permitting, we’ll head outside for practice.   
Bird images provided.

Day-Two • Herons, Egrets & Ibis…. Oh my!
Use techniques learned from day one along with learning specific pointers for sketching and painting wading birds.  We will begin the day practicing techniques.  After a lunch break, we’ll paint, step by step, a scenic that features wading birds.  Bring photos of marsh scenes and wading birds or on a tablet or hard copies.  We will make up our own landscape and use images of several birds to incorporate them into the scene.

This is a fun, fast-paced workshop.  I’m looking forward to sharing my field sketching experience with you and seeing your wonderful results!  Yay!  We get to sketch and paint for two days : )

• • •

GREEN PLAY: Mixing and Painting with Greens

Learn to mix a variety of greens to enhance your watercolor landscape and foliage paintings. Explore brush and negative painting techniques to create different effects.  This is a 'techniques' workshop - bring lots of photos for inspiration.  If time & weather allow, we will journey outside to put techniques learned into practice with a bit of plein air painting. 

Pam will have tube pigments and watercolor pencils on hand to supplement the colors in your current palette or watercolor pencils.

~ • ~ • ~

If traveling to the Beaufort County area of South Carolina and there isn't a workshop scheduled during your stay, contact Pam to arrange a private lesson!

                                 Past Workshops Offered:                             

Travel Journal Workshop Demo
• Creating an Illustrated Journal
       Tools, Mark Making, Watercolor Techniques

• Travel Journal Workshop
      Landscapes / Urban settings / People

• Garden Journal Workshop
• Green Play (learning to mix greens)
• Plein Air Watercolor Sketching
• Herons, Egrets and Ibis.... Oh my!
• Sketching with Pen and Watercolor
• Nature Sketching Series
• LetterForms Using Non-Traditional Tools

                               Workshop Testimonials                          

"Our 3-day workshop with Pam was an outstanding experience. Pam is a terrific teacher who brings out the best in both novice and advanced artists. She has a rare gift of bringing a group together to create a friendly and safe environment that fosters individual expression and respect for each participant.  Above all, her love of art and nature is contagious – we are eager to continue our journey through another of Pam’s workshops."
~ N. Vineburgh, Belfair

* * * * *
"Thanks it was fun and I hope to develop my skills and take more classes.  Please keep in touch and let me know when others are offered.  You are a wonderful teacher!!"
~ S. Knopp, Belfair

* * * * *

"Thank you for a thought inspiring, brain challenging re awakening!  You are a natural teacher, and I look forward to future Pam workshops!
Thank you for sharing your gift with us!" 
~ S. Manker, Spring Island

* * * * *

"Class was so much fun!  I am really glad I took it and “caught” your inspiration for the medium and the concept.  Today we discovered a great horned owl in a tree in our yard, sitting on a nest – so I did a journal page of her!
"   ~ L. Smith, Spring Island
* * * * *

"I really like your style and found your class exciting!  Wish I had someone as talented as you up in VT!"    A. Low, Beaufort
* * * * *

"Thanks for all the tips, I know I will enjoy what you taught for a long time to come."             P. Everson, Bluffton
* * * * *
"What a wonderful class, the time really flew by and I learned so much about the watercolor pencil technique.  Starting this afternoon my journal will have color pictures and it will be interesting to see how I grow."  B. Wiener, Bluffton

* * * * * 
"You are such a great teacher.  All of your advice and your grand experience made this workshop so special. I learned a lot during these 3 days and today I feel really motivated to draw and paint. In fact my new resolution is: to practice a little bit every day in order to make some progress. I thought about this may times but today it’s time to do it!!!!!!" 
~ C. McDaniel, Beaufort

* * * * *
"I so enjoyed your three day workshop. I have never done journals before and I found yours to be so creative and inspiring. I hope to get back to my watercolors again after such a long absence."  C. Looney, Bluffton

* * * * *
"I enjoyed the workshop SO much.  I am still struggling, but will not give up.  Your work is so inspiring.  Thank you for your patience and all those great tips."  H. Selva, KY

* * * * *
"Thank you for every minute of your sweet nature and encouraging temperament. Teachers are everywhere, in all sorts of guises, but not many do such a D. good  job of it. Talented and generous....not a bad tag to have. With much appreciation," B. Bishop, Beaufort

* * * * *
"Thank you for the great info and workshop.  Fun!  Fun! Fun! Next time bring a stack of your journals so we can all be even more inspired." C. Hathaway, FL/ME

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your journaling workshop.  I can't wait to fill my pages, and complete my garden journal with things from my own garden.  It was such a wonderful respite from my daily grinds, and I hope to develop the habit of at least sketching quickly the things that catch my eye.  I think it will definitely help me relax." F. Ruffalo, HHI

                                         A Sampling of Student Work                                      

Travel Journal Workshop

Herons, Egrets & Ibis... Oh my!

Green Play

Nature Sketching Series - eyes

Nature Journaling Workshop
Garden Journal Workshop