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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beidler Forest ~ Cypress and Tupelo

The Audubon Sanctuary of Beidler Forest is located in the town of Harleyville, SC, and sits in the middle of the very large Four Holes Swamp. I was first introduced to this amazing place during a 2008 field trip of the Master Naturalist Program I was enrolled in.  I've always wanted to return and take my time to sketch the beauty of this natural treasure.

We barely made it a quarter of a mile down the 1.75 mile boardwalk when the buttresses of two young tupelo trees caught my eye. We strolled a bit farther and I had to stop again to capture the middle cypress knee and the background knees and cypress trunk.  Then we happened upon a glorious cypress knee that was shaped like a cloaked, bent over woman...... 

I began to wonder if I brought enough paper with me :)  Rob was beginning to wonder if we'd ever make it out of the swamp!

There were a few other folks enjoying the boardwalk.  Everyone was very giving with information about a special sight...  which included two sunning Rat Snakes, a flock of White Ibis and best of all, one of the swamp's Barred Owls that was perched in a tree very close to the boardwalk! That was the last thing I sketched on the page during our walk.  I added the lettering while we sat on a bench outside of the gift shop, and returned home with the journal page mostly completed.  What could I put in the upper right corner that would highlight the owl but not take away from the rest of the page?  The next day, while perusing Beidler Forest's website, I came upon the perfect thing.  A map of the boardwalk from their Trail Guide.  I was thrilled to find it, as I had to return the copy we used on our walk.  Do check out their site.  For even more fun.... visit their blog.