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Monday, February 1, 2021

SC Lowcounty Native Plants - A Surprise Gift!

Lowcountry Native Plants in Pot Decorated with River Birch Bark

A couple of weeks ago, I received a lovely, heartfelt gift from my dear friend, Karl.  We shared an office at work for over 10 years.  He's the Landscape Ecologist for Spring Island.  Such a gifted soul. The pot is filled with wild ginger, atamasco lily, partridge berry, ebony spleenwort, bark with resurrection fern and lichen, spotted trillium and a tender American holly he nurtured from seed.  All with a backdrop of American beach stems with dried autumn leaves.  He even included the seed pods from the beech tree.  All but the spotted trillium come from Karl's home.  

It will be a few weeks before I can plant these native beauties in our back wooded area.  Even though they are cold hardy, I'd rather give them cool instead of cold nights in the ground after transplanting. In the meantime I hope to do studies of each plant.  The spotted trillium is close to blooming.  It's such a beautiful plant!

I tried a couple of times to draw this pot of goodies while sitting rather close to it.  I couldn't get the height of the beech stems and leaves, though.  Then a few days later the pot caught my eye as I passed the family room windows that look out onto our porch where the pot is located.  Oh, la,la!  This was the view I needed.  I couldn't wait to to set up my sketching easel!

Finally, the right view to do justice to Karl's beautiful arrangement!  Plus, the way the afternoon sunlight hit the beech leaves...  They seemed to glow with gold.  Happy camper!

My Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal - one of my favorite illustrated journals
that's filled with very special memories.

Happy February!  This is the month when the lowcountry begins to wake.  I've already noticed that the red maple tree buds are getting larger.  Warmer days will help yellow jessamine to bloom.  The new shoots of spartina are already about a foot high... Spring is on it's way!!!